Domain Parking allows domain owners to make money.. simply by owning domains!

In the past, you had to spend money developing websites to make money with domains. But times have changed on the internet. Now, companies will populate your domains with ad links and pay you for the privilege.

Domain Parking is a domain monetization option for people who don't want to get involved in developing domains. Basically, you get paid on a pay per click (PPC) basis. Visitors come to your domain and they see a page similar to a search engine results page, but with all sponsored links (ads). When they click on the links, you make money!

How to get started:
First, buy a domain name or domain portfolio, preferably with traffic. Second, find a domain parking service and park your domain with them. Typically, you should expect your "cut" (revenue share percentage) to be in the 65-85% range. Make sure to ask the actual rev share rate for your account. All you do is add your domain to your account in their interface, and set your DNS to the name servers they specify or use their URL forwarding feature. They serve the ads on the resulting page and share the revenue with you.
Visit these links now:
Domain Sponsor - Optimize domain monetization. - Make money from parked domains.
Sedo - The leading domain buy/sell marketplace. - Your domain awaits. Start your search here.
Moniker - The best domain registration company!
GoDaddy - The largest domain registrar.
Snap Names - Domain auctions and back ordering!
PimpRoll - Parking for adult domains
Last, sit back and collect monthly parking cash payments!
Here are a few of the leading companies you can check out.
Domain Parking Services
Domain Sponsor

The Domain Sponsor program lets you manage your domain portfolios with unparalleled ease and flexibility. They provide you wit the only complete optimization package in the industry which was built on a number of studies including behavioral language and optimization. Domain Sponsor provides the tools and technology you need to build a better business. They have account managers that are available to assist you and exceed your expectations every step of the way. Also part of the and Moniker family. Domain Sponsors advanced tools help you optimize the monetization of your domains. The plain and simple of it is, if you use Domain Sponsor, you will make more money with your domains!

Visit Domain Sponsor Now is a turnkey internet advertising firm that lets you earn money with your domain names. Basically you let them manage the content that goes on your domain name(s), they optimize them to display relevant paid advertising to your visitors. The advertisers they have setup pay for the results and they pay some of the highest commissions in the industry back to you as a payout! Whether you manage a few domain names or thousands, provides you everything necessary to make the most money possible from your “parked” domain names.

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Sedo is the leading marketplace when it comes to almost everything that is domain names and websites. With Sedo you are able to buy and domains and websites and generate revenue by parking your domains. SEDO Parking is particularly good for international traffic. If you have domains and haven't checked out what Sedo has to offer, you really should. They have over 10 million domains for sale, they offer parking, brokering, and many other valuable website / domain resources. Sedo is the leading marketplace for buying and selling domain names and websites. Go take a look and see exactly what Sedo has to offer you and your internet presence.

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Domain Registration Services is a domain registrar and web hosting company that focuses on helping customers find and utilize the right domain name for their project or business. Through their innovative domain search tools, customers can search geo and expiring domains, search in bulk, as well as view recently deleted domains, premium domains, and suggested domains. The Domain Nabber service allows users to place a backorder on currently registered domains that are scheduled to drop. Users can also poke around the Laboratory where they will find experimental projects that are still under development. is known best for their competitive pricing, excellent customer support service, simple user interface, and forward-thinking practices. They have become one of the top registrars in the world with over 1 million domains under management and an offering of over 50 different domain extensions. boasts a large and growing customer base that is passionately loyal. The app for Android phones makes mobile domain registration a breeze!

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Moniker invites you to experience the difference that their full service high security domain name registration has to offer. They have a very easy to use customer interface that allows you to select and register the domain name you need with just a few clicks of your mouse. Moniker is also committed to providing the best security and best customer service in the industry. They have value added services as well such as url forwarding, email forwarding, domain lock, traffic monetization services, and even domain appraisal services. The best domain registration company we have tested so far. The preferred domain name registrar has unmatched pricing, reliability, security, and customer service. They recently added live domain auction events and an escrow service. Doing business with Moniker is a joy!

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Go Daddy

Go Daddy is the largest domain name registrar on the planet. You have no doubt seen the commercials with the sexy girls all looking for the very best domain. They have done an incredible job marketing their goods and services. Those goods and services include, domain registration, website hosting, website marketing, and even website development services. Go Daddy offers very competitive pricing and decent customer service. One of the negatives of Go Daddy is the clumsy domain management interface. Go Daddy is the largest domain registrar online! They are a great business, however, in our opinion, they push upsells and web hosting too much. Also, their online user / domain management interface is a bit clumsy.

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Domain Backordering Services


SnapNames is an company and offers numerous crucial domain name services. One of the best and biggest of these features is the domain name backordering service. SnapNames has a very good domain sniping tool that allows your to place bids on expiring or expired domain names. These sniping tools are then employed to try to register the domain on your behalf when it becomes available. SnapNames also offers domain sales and auction services as well. If you haven't tried SnapNames in the past, then you should check them out today. Part of the and Moniker family. This awesome service allows you to back order unavailable domains and get them when they expire and drop. SnapNames also runs domain auctions.

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Adult Parking


Pimp Roll offers a new program for adult webmasters to monetize their domains without having to actually build website or without having to try to awkwardly shoehorn adult domains into mainstream parking services. Adult domains parked with traditional parking services typically produce low PPC revenues. Most mainstream services just don't know how to convert adult. Why send adult clicks to a mainstream traffic aggregator? Why settle for poor results? Not anymore! Put adult domains on an adult platform! In minutes you can create pages which will pay you $50 per sale instead of pennies per click! The pages are hosted on multiple Class C IPs, are SEO friendly, have morphing descriptions which you can set and control, and have great images. All the links are pre-coded with your affiliate codes. In seconds you can set the titles tags, H1 and H2 headers, and a whole lot more. You'll be up and running faster than you can imagine. At least try Pimp Roll smart parking for your adult names, you'll be glad you did.

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